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Top 10

  1. MargaritesMargarites - Angela Dimitriou
  2. Fotia Sta SavatovradaFotia Sta Savatovrada - Angela Dimitriou
  3. As Me Lene TreliAs Me Lene Treli - Angela Dimitriou
  4. Pia Thisia - LivePia Thisia - Live - Angela Dimitriou
  5. EleosEleos - Angela Dimitriou, Amr Diab
  6. Kane Stin AkriKane Stin Akri - Angela Dimitriou
  7. Den Ise TipotaDen Ise Tipota - Angela Dimitriou
  8. Ine Kati HaraktiresIne Kati Haraktires - Angela Dimitriou
  9. Mavri ListaMavri Lista - Angela Dimitriou
  10. Eho Mia KardiaEho Mia Kardia - Angela Dimitriou

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Mi Mas Agapas

1. Margarites

Song: Margarites, Album: Mi Mas Agapas, Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou
Mia S' Agapo Mia Se Miso

2. Fotia Sta Savatovrada

Song: Fotia Sta Savatovrada, Album: Mia S' Agapo Mia Se Miso, Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou
The Digital Collection

3. As Me Lene Treli

Song: As Me Lene Treli, Album: The Digital Collection, Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou
Fotia Sta Savvatovrada (Live)

4. Pia Thisia - Live

Song: Pia Thisia - Live, Album: Fotia Sta Savvatovrada (Live), Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou
Kane Stin Akri

5. Eleos

Song: Eleos, Album: Kane Stin Akri, Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou, Amr Diab
Kane Stin Akri

6. Kane Stin Akri

Song: Kane Stin Akri, Album: Kane Stin Akri, Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou

7. Den Ise Tipota

Song: Den Ise Tipota, Album: 100%, Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou
Mi Mas Agapas

8. Ine Kati Haraktires

Song: Ine Kati Haraktires, Album: Mi Mas Agapas, Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou
Mavri Lista

9. Mavri Lista

Song: Mavri Lista, Album: Mavri Lista, Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou
Ta Zeibekika Tis Angelas

10. Eho Mia Kardia

Song: Eho Mia Kardia, Album: Ta Zeibekika Tis Angelas, Artist(s): Angela Dimitriou