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Top 10

  1. The NightsThe Nights - Chlara
  2. Say You Won鈥檛 Let GoSay You Won鈥檛 Let Go - Chlara
  3. ILYSBILYSB - Chlara
  4. YouthYouth - Chlara
  5. Maybe Don'tMaybe Don't - Chlara, Nef Medina
  6. Everybody Wants to Rule the WorldEverybody Wants to Rule the World - Chlara
  7. Dying Inside to Hold YouDying Inside to Hold You - Chlara
  8. Our SongOur Song - Chlara, Joe Vince
  9. Truly Madly DeeplyTruly Madly Deeply - Chlara
  10. People are PeoplePeople are People - Chlara

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  • Single 鈥淵ou Complete MeSingle 鈥淵ou Complete Me鈥 1 songs 路 2014-09-23
The Nights

1. The Nights

Song: The Nights, Single: The Nights, Artist(s): Chlara

2. Say You Won鈥檛 Let Go

Song: Say You Won鈥檛 Let Go, Single: #acousticNOW3, Artist(s): Chlara


Song: ILYSB, Single: #acousticNOW4, Artist(s): Chlara
In A Different Light

4. Youth

Song: Youth, Album: In A Different Light, Artist(s): Chlara
Maybe Don't

5. Maybe Don't

Song: Maybe Don't, Single: Maybe Don't, Artist(s): Chlara, Nef Medina

6. Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Song: Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Album: #acousticNOW, Artist(s): Chlara
Dying Inside to Hold You

7. Dying Inside to Hold You

Song: Dying Inside to Hold You, Single: Dying Inside to Hold You, Artist(s): Chlara
Our Song

8. Our Song

Song: Our Song, Single: Our Song, Artist(s): Chlara, Joe Vince
In A Different Light

9. Truly Madly Deeply

Song: Truly Madly Deeply, Album: In A Different Light, Artist(s): Chlara
People are People

10. People are People

Song: People are People, Single: People are People, Artist(s): Chlara