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Top 10

  1. 2424 - Drvgs
  2. Vamos a FumarVamos a Fumar - Drvgs
  3. GibbsGibbs - Drvgs, Mantequilloso
  4. Sad Boy & LocoSad Boy & Loco - Drvgs
  5. Chupalo Asi SucioChupalo Asi Sucio - Drvgs, Dedos De Mantequilla
  6. Eiaw KidsEiaw Kids - Drvgs
  7. Free-toFree-to - Drvgs, Mantequilloso
  8. Todo Huele RaroTodo Huele Raro - Drvgs
  9. La Maldita y Peligrosa 3La Maldita y Peligrosa 3 - THR Cru2, Drvgs
  10. Lo PeorLo Peor - Drvgs

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Libro Negro

1. 24

Song: 24, Album: Libro Negro, Artist(s): Drvgs
Libro Negro

2. Vamos a Fumar

Song: Vamos a Fumar, Album: Libro Negro, Artist(s): Drvgs
Low Battery

3. Gibbs

Song: Gibbs, Album: Low Battery, Artist(s): Drvgs, Mantequilloso
Sad Boy & Loco

4. Sad Boy & Loco

Song: Sad Boy & Loco, Single: Sad Boy & Loco, Artist(s): Drvgs
Chupalo Asi Sucio

5. Chupalo Asi Sucio

Song: Chupalo Asi Sucio, Single: Chupalo Asi Sucio, Artist(s): Drvgs, Dedos De Mantequilla
Drugs Ruined Everything Around Me.

6. Eiaw Kids

Song: Eiaw Kids, Album: Drugs Ruined Everything Around Me., Artist(s): Drvgs
Low Battery

7. Free-to

Song: Free-to, Album: Low Battery, Artist(s): Drvgs, Mantequilloso

8. Todo Huele Raro

Song: Todo Huele Raro, Album: Rel4xx, Artist(s): Drvgs
Amor de Calavera

9. La Maldita y Peligrosa 3

Song: La Maldita y Peligrosa 3, Album: Amor de Calavera, Artist(s): THR Cru2, Drvgs
Libro Negro

10. Lo Peor

Song: Lo Peor, Album: Libro Negro, Artist(s): Drvgs