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Top 10

  1. Not Used To NormalNot Used To Normal - Jillian Rossi
  2. Give Me A ReasonGive Me A Reason - Jillian Rossi
  3. Fever DreamFever Dream - Jillian Rossi
  4. Hurt AgainHurt Again - Jillian Rossi
  5. So WhatSo What - Jillian Rossi
  6. under the weatherunder the weather - Jillian Rossi, Caleb Hearn
  7. Like A BoyLike A Boy - Jillian Rossi
  8. NFLNFL - Jillian Rossi
  9. GeminiGemini - Jillian Rossi
  10. West Coast (I'm In Love)West Coast (I'm In Love) - Smallpools, Jillian Rossi

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Not Used To Normal

1. Not Used To Normal

Song: Not Used To Normal, Single: Not Used To Normal, Artist(s): Jillian Rossi


Give Me A Reason

2. Give Me A Reason

Song: Give Me A Reason, Single: Give Me A Reason, Artist(s): Jillian Rossi
Fever Dream

3. Fever Dream

Song: Fever Dream, Single: Fever Dream, Artist(s): Jillian Rossi
Hurt Again

4. Hurt Again

Song: Hurt Again, Single: Hurt Again, Artist(s): Jillian Rossi
So What

5. So What

Song: So What, Single: So What, Artist(s): Jillian Rossi
under the weather

6. under the weather

Song: under the weather, Single: under the weather, Artist(s): Jillian Rossi, Caleb Hearn


Like A Boy

7. Like A Boy

Song: Like A Boy, Single: Like A Boy, Artist(s): Jillian Rossi

8. NFL

Song: NFL, Single: NFL, Artist(s): Jillian Rossi

9. Gemini

Song: Gemini, Single: Gemini, Artist(s): Jillian Rossi
West Coast (I'm In Love)

10. West Coast (I'm In Love)

Song: West Coast (I'm In Love), Single: West Coast (I'm In Love), Artist(s): Smallpools, Jillian Rossi