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Top 10

  1. SaltwaterSaltwater - Chicane, Moya Brennan
  2. Saltwater - Extended MixSaltwater - Extended Mix - Chicane, Moya Brennan
  3. Saltwater - Ilan Bluestone RemixSaltwater - Ilan Bluestone Remix - Chicane, Moya Brennan, Ilan Bluestone
  4. Tell Me Now (What You See)Tell Me Now (What You See) - Moya Brennan
  5. Saltwater - Sebastien RemixSaltwater - Sebastien Remix - Chicane, Moya Brennan, Sebastien
  6. To The WaterTo The Water - Moya Brennan
  7. I Will Find YouI Will Find You - Moya Brennan
  8. You're The OneYou're The One - Shane MacGowan, Moya Brennan
  9. Miles And MilesMiles And Miles - Schiller, Moya Brennan
  10. Saltwater - The Thrillseekers RemixSaltwater - The Thrillseekers Remix - Chicane, Moya Brennan, The Thrillseekers

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1. Saltwater

Song: Saltwater, Single: Saltwater, Artist(s): Chicane, Moya Brennan



2. Saltwater - Extended Mix

Song: Saltwater - Extended Mix, Single: Saltwater, Artist(s): Chicane, Moya Brennan
Saltwater (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

3. Saltwater - Ilan Bluestone Remix

Song: Saltwater - Ilan Bluestone Remix, Single: Saltwater (Ilan Bluestone Remix), Artist(s): Chicane, Moya Brennan, Ilan Bluestone
King Arthur

4. Tell Me Now (What You See)

Song: Tell Me Now (What You See), Album: King Arthur, Artist(s): Moya Brennan


Saltwater (Sebastien Remix)

5. Saltwater - Sebastien Remix

Song: Saltwater - Sebastien Remix, Single: Saltwater (Sebastien Remix), Artist(s): Chicane, Moya Brennan, Sebastien
Whisper To The Wild Water

6. To The Water

Song: To The Water, Album: Whisper To The Wild Water, Artist(s): Moya Brennan


Heart Strings

7. I Will Find You

Song: I Will Find You, Album: Heart Strings, Artist(s): Moya Brennan


The Snake

8. You're The One

Song: You're The One, Album: The Snake, Artist(s): Shane MacGowan, Moya Brennan


Tag und Nacht

9. Miles And Miles

Song: Miles And Miles, Album: Tag und Nacht, Artist(s): Schiller, Moya Brennan

10. Saltwater - The Thrillseekers Remix

Song: Saltwater - The Thrillseekers Remix, Single: Saltwater, Artist(s): Chicane, Moya Brennan, The Thrillseekers