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  1. Whoever Broke Your HeartWhoever Broke Your Heart - Murphy Elmore
  2. Drop Dead DangerousDrop Dead Dangerous - Murphy Elmore
  3. I'm Gonna Love YouI'm Gonna Love You - Murphy Elmore
  4. Hellraisers in HeavenHellraisers in Heaven - The Lacs, Murphy Elmore
  5. Part Of Your WorldPart Of Your World - Murphy Elmore
  6. Blue LightsBlue Lights - Murphy Elmore
  7. One Night StandOne Night Stand - Murphy Elmore
  8. Talk You into Stayin'Talk You into Stayin' - Murphy Elmore
  9. Damn Good KisserDamn Good Kisser - Murphy Elmore
  10. Good With the MemoryGood With the Memory - Murphy Elmore

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Whoever Broke Your Heart

1. Whoever Broke Your Heart

Song: Whoever Broke Your Heart, Single: Whoever Broke Your Heart, Artist(s): Murphy Elmore
Drop Dead Dangerous

2. Drop Dead Dangerous

Song: Drop Dead Dangerous, Single: Drop Dead Dangerous, Artist(s): Murphy Elmore
Kings of Friday Night

3. I'm Gonna Love You

Song: I'm Gonna Love You, Single: Kings of Friday Night, Artist(s): Murphy Elmore
Hellraisers in Heaven

4. Hellraisers in Heaven

Song: Hellraisers in Heaven, Single: Hellraisers in Heaven, Artist(s): The Lacs, Murphy Elmore
Part Of Your World

5. Part Of Your World

Song: Part Of Your World, Single: Part Of Your World, Artist(s): Murphy Elmore
Blue Lights

6. Blue Lights

Song: Blue Lights, Single: Blue Lights, Artist(s): Murphy Elmore
One Night Stand

7. One Night Stand

Song: One Night Stand, Single: One Night Stand, Artist(s): Murphy Elmore
Talk You into Stayin'

8. Talk You into Stayin'

Song: Talk You into Stayin', Single: Talk You into Stayin', Artist(s): Murphy Elmore


Damn Good Kisser

9. Damn Good Kisser

Song: Damn Good Kisser, Single: Damn Good Kisser, Artist(s): Murphy Elmore


Good With the Memory

10. Good With the Memory

Song: Good With the Memory, Single: Good With the Memory, Artist(s): Murphy Elmore