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  1. Get To Know YouGet To Know You - Samantha Harvey
  2. Can鈥檛 Help Falling In LoveCan鈥檛 Help Falling In Love - Samantha Harvey
  3. Dancing In The SkyDancing In The Sky - Samantha Harvey
  4. PerfectPerfect - Samantha Harvey
  5. CompanyCompany - Sondr, Samantha Harvey
  6. The OneThe One - Samantha Harvey
  7. Say You Won't Let GoSay You Won't Let Go - Samantha Harvey
  8. Don't Call It LoveDon't Call It Love - Samantha Harvey
  9. PleasePlease - Samantha Harvey
  10. WonderlandWonderland - Samantha Harvey

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Get To Know You

1. Get To Know You

Song: Get To Know You, Single: Get To Know You, Artist(s): Samantha Harvey


Can鈥檛 Help Falling In Love

2. Can鈥檛 Help Falling In Love

Song: Can鈥檛 Help Falling In Love, Single: Can鈥檛 Help Falling In Love, Artist(s): Samantha Harvey
Covers EP

3. Dancing In The Sky

Song: Dancing In The Sky, Single: Covers EP, Artist(s): Samantha Harvey
Covers EP

4. Perfect

Song: Perfect, Single: Covers EP, Artist(s): Samantha Harvey

5. Company

Song: Company, Single: Company, Artist(s): Sondr, Samantha Harvey
Covers EP

6. The One

Song: The One, Single: Covers EP, Artist(s): Samantha Harvey
Say You Won't Let Go

7. Say You Won't Let Go

Song: Say You Won't Let Go, Single: Say You Won't Let Go, Artist(s): Samantha Harvey
Don't Call It Love

8. Don't Call It Love

Song: Don't Call It Love, Single: Don't Call It Love, Artist(s): Samantha Harvey

9. Please

Song: Please, Single: Please, Artist(s): Samantha Harvey

10. Wonderland

Song: Wonderland, Single: Wonderland, Artist(s): Samantha Harvey