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Top 10

  1. Cry Me a RiverCry Me a River - Say Drilly
  2. Leave Me AloneLeave Me Alone - Say Drilly
  3. Shake ThatShake That - Say Drilly, Lee Drilly
  4. Wanna See MeWanna See Me - Say Drilly
  5. Still into youStill into you - Say Drilly, Murda G
  6. BangerBanger - Say Drilly, Murda G, David Drilly, Prince Rackx
  7. Beautiful GlockBeautiful Glock - Say Drilly
  8. 48 Gang48 Gang - Say Drilly, Murda G, Yavi

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  • Single 鈥48 GangSingle 鈥48 Gang鈥 1 songs 路 2023-03-17
  • Single 鈥淲anna See MeSingle 鈥淲anna See Me鈥 1 songs 路 2023-03-16
  • Single 鈥淟eave Me AloneSingle 鈥淟eave Me Alone鈥 1 songs 路 2022-12-30
  • Single 鈥淐ry Me a RiverSingle 鈥淐ry Me a River鈥 1 songs 路 2022-11-23
  • Single 鈥淏angerSingle 鈥淏anger鈥 1 songs 路 2022-11-14
  • Single 鈥淏eautiful GlockSingle 鈥淏eautiful Glock鈥 1 songs 路 2022-11-14
  • Single 鈥淪hake ThatSingle 鈥淪hake That鈥 1 songs 路 2022-11-14
  • Single 鈥淪till into youSingle 鈥淪till into you鈥 1 songs 路 2022-11-14
Cry Me a River

1. Cry Me a River

Song: Cry Me a River, Single: Cry Me a River, Artist(s): Say Drilly


Leave Me Alone

2. Leave Me Alone

Song: Leave Me Alone, Single: Leave Me Alone, Artist(s): Say Drilly
Shake That

3. Shake That

Song: Shake That, Single: Shake That, Artist(s): Say Drilly, Lee Drilly
Wanna See Me

4. Wanna See Me

Song: Wanna See Me, Single: Wanna See Me, Artist(s): Say Drilly
Still into you

5. Still into you

Song: Still into you, Single: Still into you, Artist(s): Say Drilly, Murda G

6. Banger

Song: Banger, Single: Banger, Artist(s): Say Drilly, Murda G, David Drilly, Prince Rackx
Beautiful Glock

7. Beautiful Glock

Song: Beautiful Glock, Single: Beautiful Glock, Artist(s): Say Drilly
48 Gang

8. 48 Gang

Song: 48 Gang, Single: 48 Gang, Artist(s): Say Drilly, Murda G, Yavi