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  1. Like GoldLike Gold - Loud Luxury, Frank Walker, Stephen Puth
  2. Crying My Eyes OutCrying My Eyes Out - Stephen Puth
  3. Waiting (feat. Stephen Puth)Waiting (feat. Stephen Puth) - Frank Walker, Stephen Puth
  4. Sexual VibeSexual Vibe - Stephen Puth
  5. EyesEyes - The Banker Boys, Stephen Puth
  6. Look Away - AcousticLook Away - Acoustic - Stephen Puth
  7. Look AwayLook Away - Stephen Puth
  8. Crying My Eyes Out - AcousticCrying My Eyes Out - Acoustic - Stephen Puth
  9. Watching You Walk AwayWatching You Walk Away - Stephen Puth
  10. Half GoneHalf Gone - Stephen Puth

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Like Gold

1. Like Gold

Song: Like Gold, Single: Like Gold, Artist(s): Loud Luxury, Frank Walker, Stephen Puth
Crying My Eyes Out

2. Crying My Eyes Out

Song: Crying My Eyes Out, Single: Crying My Eyes Out, Artist(s): Stephen Puth


Waiting (feat. Stephen Puth)

3. Waiting (feat. Stephen Puth)

Song: Waiting (feat. Stephen Puth), Single: Waiting (feat. Stephen Puth), Artist(s): Frank Walker, Stephen Puth


Sexual Vibe

4. Sexual Vibe

Song: Sexual Vibe, Single: Sexual Vibe, Artist(s): Stephen Puth

5. Eyes

Song: Eyes, Single: Eyes, Artist(s): The Banker Boys, Stephen Puth
Look Away (Acoustic)

6. Look Away - Acoustic

Song: Look Away - Acoustic, Single: Look Away (Acoustic), Artist(s): Stephen Puth
Look Away

7. Look Away

Song: Look Away, Single: Look Away, Artist(s): Stephen Puth
Crying My Eyes Out (Acoustic)

8. Crying My Eyes Out - Acoustic

Song: Crying My Eyes Out - Acoustic, Single: Crying My Eyes Out (Acoustic), Artist(s): Stephen Puth
Watching You Walk Away

9. Watching You Walk Away

Song: Watching You Walk Away, Single: Watching You Walk Away, Artist(s): Stephen Puth
Half Gone

10. Half Gone

Song: Half Gone, Single: Half Gone, Artist(s): Stephen Puth