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Discover Trailerhead best songs: explore their greatest hits and enjoy their complete discography with all the lyrics to their songs. Top 10 Video Playlist Online.

Top 10

  1. Destiny of the ChosenDestiny of the Chosen - Trailerhead
  2. Lacrimosa DominaeLacrimosa Dominae - Trailerhead
  3. Tales of the Electric RomeoTales of the Electric Romeo - Trailerhead
  4. Serenata ImmortaleSerenata Immortale - Trailerhead
  5. In League with CerberusIn League with Cerberus - Trailerhead
  6. Protectors of TruthProtectors of Truth - Trailerhead
  7. Glory SeekerGlory Seeker - Trailerhead
  8. An Epic AgeAn Epic Age - Trailerhead
  9. Journey to GloryJourney to Glory - Trailerhead
  10. Surrender to HopeSurrender to Hope - Trailerhead, Robert Fripp

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1. Destiny of the Chosen

Song: Destiny of the Chosen, Album: Triumph, Artist(s): Trailerhead

2. Lacrimosa Dominae

Song: Lacrimosa Dominae, Album: Trailerhead, Artist(s): Trailerhead

3. Tales of the Electric Romeo

Song: Tales of the Electric Romeo, Album: Triumph, Artist(s): Trailerhead

4. Serenata Immortale

Song: Serenata Immortale, Album: Trailerhead, Artist(s): Trailerhead

5. In League with Cerberus

Song: In League with Cerberus, Album: Saga, Artist(s): Trailerhead
Nu Epiq

6. Protectors of Truth

Song: Protectors of Truth, Album: Nu Epiq, Artist(s): Trailerhead

7. Glory Seeker

Song: Glory Seeker, Album: Saga, Artist(s): Trailerhead

8. An Epic Age

Song: An Epic Age, Album: Trailerhead, Artist(s): Trailerhead

9. Journey to Glory

Song: Journey to Glory, Album: Triumph, Artist(s): Trailerhead

10. Surrender to Hope

Song: Surrender to Hope, Album: Saga, Artist(s): Trailerhead, Robert Fripp