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  1. The GhostThe Ghost - Trevor Something
  2. Summer LoveSummer Love - Trevor Something
  3. Fade AwayFade Away - Trevor Something
  4. Enjoy the SilenceEnjoy the Silence - Trevor Something
  5. Do It AgainDo It Again - Trevor Something
  6. In My SystemIn My System - Trevor Something
  7. GirlfriendGirlfriend - Trevor Something
  8. It's No GoodIt's No Good - Trevor Something
  9. Wicked GameWicked Game - Trevor Something
  10. You Are My ObsessionYou Are My Obsession - Trevor Something

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Deep Wave Data Dark Web Daemons

1. The Ghost

Song: The Ghost, Album: Deep Wave Data Dark Web Daemons, Artist(s): Trevor Something
Summer Love

2. Summer Love

Song: Summer Love, Single: Summer Love, Artist(s): Trevor Something
Synthetic Love

3. Fade Away

Song: Fade Away, Album: Synthetic Love, Artist(s): Trevor Something
Enjoy the Silence

4. Enjoy the Silence

Song: Enjoy the Silence, Single: Enjoy the Silence, Artist(s): Trevor Something


Soulless Computer Boy and the Eternal Render

5. Do It Again

Song: Do It Again, Album: Soulless Computer Boy and the Eternal Render, Artist(s): Trevor Something
Does Not Exist EP

6. In My System

Song: In My System, Single: Does Not Exist EP, Artist(s): Trevor Something
Soulless Computer Boy and the Eternal Render

7. Girlfriend

Song: Girlfriend, Album: Soulless Computer Boy and the Eternal Render, Artist(s): Trevor Something
It's No Good

8. It's No Good

Song: It's No Good, Single: It's No Good, Artist(s): Trevor Something
Wicked Game

9. Wicked Game

Song: Wicked Game, Single: Wicked Game, Artist(s): Trevor Something

10. You Are My Obsession

Song: You Are My Obsession, Album: Microwaves, Artist(s): Trevor Something