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Top 10

  1. Like MikeLike Mike - Wam SpinThaBin
  2. Pay For KillingsPay For Killings - Wam SpinThaBin
  3. No HookNo Hook - Wam SpinThaBin
  4. Back in the TrenchesBack in the Trenches - Wam SpinThaBin, Zone10 Rambo
  5. Roger Dat (feat. Kodak Black)Roger Dat (feat. Kodak Black) - Wam SpinThaBin, Kodak Black
  6. PsaPsa - Wam SpinThaBin
  7. Paying for Killings 2Paying for Killings 2 - Wam SpinThaBin
  8. Best of MeBest of Me - Wam SpinThaBin
  9. Home ConfinementHome Confinement - Wam SpinThaBin
  10. Tweak Like ThatTweak Like That - Wam SpinThaBin, GFraydo

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  • Album 鈥淭ear Drops & Closed CasketsAlbum 鈥淭ear Drops & Closed Caskets鈥 12 songs 路 2023-04-26
  • Album 鈥淭ear Drops & Closed Caskets (Fast)Album 鈥淭ear Drops & Closed Caskets (Fast)鈥 12 songs 路 2023-04-25
  • Album 鈥淏efore I Self DestructAlbum 鈥淏efore I Self Destruct鈥 9 songs 路 2022-06-01


  • Single 鈥淩oger DatSingle 鈥淩oger Dat鈥 2 songs 路 2023-04-21
  • Single 鈥淗ome ConfinementSingle 鈥淗ome Confinement鈥 2 songs 路 2023-03-22
  • Single 鈥淧aying for Killings 2Single 鈥淧aying for Killings 2鈥 1 songs 路 2023-01-13
  • Single 鈥淧ress A ButtonSingle 鈥淧ress A Button鈥 2 songs 路 2022-12-22
  • Single 鈥淪ection 8Single 鈥淪ection 8鈥 2 songs 路 2022-12-08
  • Single 鈥淭hem TrenchesSingle 鈥淭hem Trenches鈥 1 songs 路 2022-08-07
  • Single 鈥淟ast Man StandingSingle 鈥淟ast Man Standing鈥 6 songs 路 2022-07-22
  • Single 鈥淎pe GospelSingle 鈥淎pe Gospel鈥 1 songs 路 2022-05-31
  • Single 鈥淧ay For KillingsSingle 鈥淧ay For Killings鈥 1 songs 路 2022-04-29
  • Single 鈥淔irst Day In LASingle 鈥淔irst Day In LA鈥 1 songs 路 2022-04-19
  • Single 鈥淭op ShottaSingle 鈥淭op Shotta鈥 1 songs 路 2022-02-26
  • Single 鈥淭weak Like ThatSingle 鈥淭weak Like That鈥 1 songs 路 2021-09-21
Last Man Standing

1. Like Mike

Song: Like Mike, Single: Last Man Standing, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin


Pay For Killings

2. Pay For Killings

Song: Pay For Killings, Single: Pay For Killings, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin


Before I Self Destruct

3. No Hook

Song: No Hook, Album: Before I Self Destruct, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin
Last Man Standing

4. Back in the Trenches

Song: Back in the Trenches, Single: Last Man Standing, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin, Zone10 Rambo
Tear Drops & Closed Caskets

5. Roger Dat (feat. Kodak Black)

Song: Roger Dat (feat. Kodak Black), Album: Tear Drops & Closed Caskets, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin, Kodak Black
Before I Self Destruct

6. Psa

Song: Psa, Album: Before I Self Destruct, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin
Paying for Killings 2

7. Paying for Killings 2

Song: Paying for Killings 2, Single: Paying for Killings 2, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin
Before I Self Destruct

8. Best of Me

Song: Best of Me, Album: Before I Self Destruct, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin
Tear Drops & Closed Caskets

9. Home Confinement

Song: Home Confinement, Album: Tear Drops & Closed Caskets, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin
Tweak Like That

10. Tweak Like That

Song: Tweak Like That, Single: Tweak Like That, Artist(s): Wam SpinThaBin, GFraydo