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  1. Hurt The Ones We Love The MostHurt The Ones We Love The Most - Evan Blum, Willow Stephens
  2. This ChristmasThis Christmas - Willow Stephens, Matthew Grant
  3. Highland ParkHighland Park - Willow Stephens
  4. Til the Blue Comes OutTil the Blue Comes Out - Willow Stephens
  5. Get LiftedGet Lifted - Select Start, Willow Stephens
  6. Sure as the Moon (feat. Andy Mineo)Sure as the Moon (feat. Andy Mineo) - Willow Stephens, Andy Mineo
  7. After the RainAfter the Rain - Willow Stephens
  8. SHINESHINE - Willow Stephens
  9. Good ManGood Man - Willow Stephens
  10. Bird's Eye ViewBird's Eye View - Willow Stephens

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  • Album 鈥淎ll That GlittersAlbum 鈥淎ll That Glitters鈥 12 songs 路 2020-01-03


  • Single 鈥淗ighland ParkSingle 鈥淗ighland Park鈥 1 songs 路 2022-10-11
  • Single 鈥淪HINESingle 鈥淪HINE鈥 1 songs 路 2022-06-21
  • Single 鈥淲orthySingle 鈥淲orthy鈥 1 songs 路 2021-11-09
  • Single 鈥淎ll I NeedSingle 鈥淎ll I Need鈥 1 songs 路 2021-08-26
  • Single 鈥淎 Good CrySingle 鈥淎 Good Cry鈥 5 songs 路 2021-03-31
  • Single 鈥淭il the Blue Comes OutSingle 鈥淭il the Blue Comes Out鈥 1 songs 路 2021-03-17
  • Single 鈥淭his ChristmasSingle 鈥淭his Christmas鈥 1 songs 路 2020-11-10
  • Single 鈥淎lready MineSingle 鈥淎lready Mine鈥 1 songs 路 2020-08-07
  • Single 鈥淟abyrinthSingle 鈥淟abyrinth鈥 1 songs 路 2019-09-27
  • Single 鈥淟ightyears AwaySingle 鈥淟ightyears Away鈥 1 songs 路 2019-07-20
  • Single 鈥淓xpectationsSingle 鈥淓xpectations鈥 1 songs 路 2019-06-07
  • Single 鈥淥ceanSingle 鈥淥cean鈥 1 songs 路 2019-03-01
  • Single 鈥淕oldSingle 鈥淕old鈥 1 songs 路 2018-12-12
  • Single 鈥淗istory SpeaksSingle 鈥淗istory Speaks鈥 1 songs 路 2017-09-29
  • Single 鈥淲illow StephensSingle 鈥淲illow Stephens鈥 5 songs 路 2017-05-26
  • Single 鈥淪ure as the Moon (feat. Andy Mineo)Single 鈥淪ure as the Moon (feat. Andy Mineo)鈥 1 songs 路 2017-04-28
  • Single 鈥淏ird's Eye ViewSingle 鈥淏ird's Eye View鈥 1 songs 路 2017-03-31
Hurt The Ones We Love The Most

1. Hurt The Ones We Love The Most

Song: Hurt The Ones We Love The Most, Single: Hurt The Ones We Love The Most, Artist(s): Evan Blum, Willow Stephens
This Christmas

2. This Christmas

Song: This Christmas, Single: This Christmas, Artist(s): Willow Stephens, Matthew Grant
Highland Park

3. Highland Park

Song: Highland Park, Single: Highland Park, Artist(s): Willow Stephens
Til the Blue Comes Out

4. Til the Blue Comes Out

Song: Til the Blue Comes Out, Single: Til the Blue Comes Out, Artist(s): Willow Stephens
Get Lifted

5. Get Lifted

Song: Get Lifted, Single: Get Lifted, Artist(s): Select Start, Willow Stephens
Sure as the Moon (feat. Andy Mineo)

6. Sure as the Moon (feat. Andy Mineo)

Song: Sure as the Moon (feat. Andy Mineo), Single: Sure as the Moon (feat. Andy Mineo), Artist(s): Willow Stephens, Andy Mineo
Willow Stephens

7. After the Rain

Song: After the Rain, Single: Willow Stephens, Artist(s): Willow Stephens


Song: SHINE, Single: SHINE, Artist(s): Willow Stephens
A Good Cry

9. Good Man

Song: Good Man, Single: A Good Cry, Artist(s): Willow Stephens
Bird's Eye View

10. Bird's Eye View

Song: Bird's Eye View, Single: Bird's Eye View, Artist(s): Willow Stephens